History about my Hometown Erlangen

1002   first official documentary of Erlangen

          Erlangen is a present to the bishop of Wuerzbourg from the emperor Heinrich II.

1367   Erlangen becomes the status of a city

1743   Opening of the University

1755   With the arrival of the first religious refugees from France the real development of the Erlangen begins

           Population: 8000 citizen

           The first "Bergkirche" take place. (Third biggest beer festival in Europe - a must see)

1789   The physicist Georg Simon Ohm decovers the law about the elektrical resistor U = R * I

1791   The city fall to the Kindom of Prussia

1798   Foundation of the eldest fraternity "Onoldia"

1810   The city fall to the Kindom of Bavaria

1890   The University get the 1000th student

1945   The headquarter of Siemens-Schuckertwerke (today Siemens AG) settle down

1946   Population: 45.000 citizen

1965   The worlds first speaking monkey is created ( now he lives under Juergen Heller in New Jersey)

1970   Opening of the "Europakanal" (ship channel till the black sea)

1974   Erlangen becomes with 100.000 citizen the status of a big city

1975   The genius Matthias Heller is born

1990   Erlangen becomes the status of the Federal Capial City for Nature and Conservation