Here I have a short list of really cool free games I found. 

I will update this site as often as I can.



            - Egoboo. A very funny adventure game for 2 to 4 players. Cool graphic.



              - Defense Commander. You control a Flag tour to defense your "city" against UFOs. Great animation



            - HeyBaby. A funny Frogger Clone. Instead of a frog you have to control a group of guys to the beach bar

            - Alienkick. The Party game. Kick an alien into a target. Super funny with good animation.


    Sport Games


            Billard. I have two games to offer

                - Poolmup

                - Bspool


                - BMXpro (I haven't tried it yet)


                - Boxing game with cool graphic


                - Stunts. The ultimative car racing game. Build your own tracks. 


         A very good golf game with great graphic.


Screenshot from




    Southpark Games

            - Super Mario Brother with Southpark caracters

            - Accept my authority. Cartman as police officer in a Giana Sisters World



    Special C64 Fans

            If your a looking for a special old C64 game - goto Here you find everything.


     Other links to free game sites