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    Scaleo PA series Drivers for XP

Audio Realtek


AMD motherboard

USB 2.0 Driver

SM Bus Driver


        THE peer-to-peer sharing  software in the net. Here you can share with thousands of other user music, software, movies, and everything else you'll search. Little bit tricky to use, but unbeatable: 

        For visiting  websites with Flash components you've to install .

        The best online Bartender:

        Need Cracks or Patches for any computer game. Visit

        Watch North America via Sattelite and zoom closer to an amazing size:

        Hundreds of Free Fonts to download:

        The latest news about Harry Potter:

        The best german online news site on the Web


    Movies and all you need

            To watch Divx movies you can use this free player GDivx Player

            For every other movie you can download the latest Windows Media Player Win Media Player 7

            Furtheron you will need more drivers to be installed on your computer.


    Songs and complete CD's

               The best Audio Player for me is Here you also can convert audio tracks like mp3 to wav


    Utilities from Web to Graphics

        The best download help programm to speed up and organize your downloads at

        A free firewall programm

        Create your own animated gif's with that tool. Easy and for free at

        Organize and compress your pictures and Photos with

        The biggest download center for all kinds of programms, software and games

        Get a free and easy FTP Programm

        Free FLASH Counter, Intros and many more at