Bienvenue a Paris.

The city of the thousand light. Are you looking for an resonabel hotels, a place to go in the evening? Here you will find everything about.

Paris is my favorite place to go. If've been there several times so that you can get
many information about that city.
So, What you wanna know about?
Short history, dates about Paris. Some dates about the Tour Eiffel.
Bars; Pubs; Discos
Where to go for eating?
Hotels, Camping?
What to visit else (beside the usuall things. Good museums
Visit-tour for three days.
Tips, Tricks, don't... and things to take care for!

History and dates

52 b.c. Occupation through the romes
360Current name by Julianus Apostata
508Capital of France
12. centurydivided in: Cite, Ville, Universite
1420Conquered by England
14.07.1789Storming of the Bastille
1846Population over one million
1855First EXPO
1900First Metroline
1977Gouvernement by elected president
20m-30mOver the sea.
105 km²Only maincity with
2.3 miocitizen.
2000 km²With suburbs there are
10 miocitizen. That is
1/5 of the whole population of France

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Bars, Pubs, Disco'sHere are some of me favourite places to go.

  1. The Guiness Tavern:
    Open till five. Live Rock the whole night. Crowded. Not resonable.
    31, Rue Lombares. Metro: Chatelet

  2. Fosters
    Great Australian atmosphere. Beer: Fosters. Good dining.
    Rue St. Denis. Metro: Chatelet

  3. The American Bar
    well, american style. Also live bands
    10m from Les Halles main entrance. Metro: Les Halles

  4. The banana Cafe
    Nice carebean bar. Live music in the cellar
    13; Rue de la Ferronerie. Metro Chatelet

  5. L'Helium
    Crazy Bar with Popcorn and Cocktails
    3, Rue de Haudriettes. Metro: Rambuteau

  6. Harry's New York Bar
    You say that the Bloody Mary was created here. 160 types of Whiseky
    5, Rue Daunou. Metro: Opera

  7. Caveau de la Huchette
    Most famous Jazzbar. Historical. open from 22-5
    5, Rue de la Huchette. Metro: Saint-Michel

  8. Le Petit Opportune
    Fantastic Jazzmen. Crowded
    15, Rue Lavandieres-Sainte-Opportune. Metro: Chatelet

  1. La Lokomotive
    Huge Rock Disco. Bar 26m long. Closed on monday
    90, Boulevard de Clichy. Metro: Blanche

  2. Gibus
    Hard Rock Disco
    18, Rue du Faubourg du Temple. Metro: Republique.

  3. Le Palace
    Most famous Disco in town. Different evenings. Hard to get in
    8, Rue du Faubourg Montmartre. Metro: Montmartre.

  4. La Scala
    Modern music. Three floors. Crowded
    188, Rue de Rivoli. Metro: Palais-Royal.

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Where to go for eating?

In Paris you find hundreds of good place to go. MC Donalds and Burger King are very often to find but that only for a cheap Cola or snack.
There a couple of regions where you can find good restaurants. Here are some places:

And here some of my favorites:

  1. The TGI (Thank God it's Friday) Happy Hour 16.00-19.00 o'clock. Also Happy Hour for appetizer (chicken wings, potato skins) Metro: Grand Boulevard (former Rue Montmartre) 100m

  2. Next to the TGI there is the Hard Rock Cafe. Phantastic place like an musik museum. Happy Hour only outside the school holydays. If you only want to drink some cocktails you have to say at the entrance. Super burgers and more.

  3. Planet Hollywood at the Champs-Elysees. Not a typical Planet but also Hollywood. Crowded

  4. The Mexican. Very cosy. Mexican ambiente. In the passage near the Grande Arche. Metro: La Defense.

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Hotels and Camping places

Well, it's really no problem to find some exclusive hotels. But here you can find cheaper ones wich will mean a double room for 160F (53,-DM) per person without all. But for one who want to spent good days in Paris go to the Novotel wich is direktly in the City beside les Halles. (

But now to the cheaper one.
The best thing you can do in summer is to go to a camping place. There is no reservation possibility for tents but for huts. Normally there is always a place to stay. There are two camping places in Paris. One is in the west of Paris in the Bois de Boulogne. The better one is in the east in the Bois de Vincennes. From both you have an direkt connection via bus and metro into the city till one'o clock.
Here is the addresse from the better one (you can speak english and german):
Camping du Tremblay
Boulevard des Allies
94507 Champigny sur marne cedex
Tel: 0033 1 43974397 and Fax: 0033 1 48890794 (don't know is the 1 is correct but I think so)
prices for a car small tent and two persons: 98F (33,-DM) per day (water like shower included)

There are no so many cheap hotels but many pensions. Here you have a good link to a catalog of pensions and also hotels: HEBERGEMENT
Other information you can get form the TOURIST OFFICE

For youth groups
There is a really good plave to go specially for school. The next metro station is 100m further.
Centre International de Sejour Leo Lagrange
107 rue Martre, 92110 Clichy, Tel: 0033 42700322 (hope it's still correct)

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What to visit else. Real museums

What to visit elss



ATTENTION: Free entrance for people under 18 years in every museum.

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Visit-Tour for three days

That's my proposal for a three day trip through the city with the most important things to see.

1. Day
Up to Momartre and Sacre Coeur. Here you got an good overview of Paris. (take care for your money here) Then to the heart of Paris: Ile de la Cite. Here is Notre Dame and the Palace de Justice. Now go north to the Hotel de Ville () and further to the Centre George Pompidou. Then to the Forum des Halles the old market place. Here you have lots of posibilities for eating (snacks) and shopping.
The next station for today is the Pyramide (Entrance of the Louvre) DON'T GO INTO THE LOUVRE but into the Pyramide into the forum. Only if you're under 18; it's for free then.

The last Sation is tour Mompernasse. Here you can go up by elevator. This is the highest building in Paris which you can visit. Pupils and students are much cheaper! Around the tour there are Pubs and good typical french restaurants or go back to the Halles where the most people and bars are.

2. Day
First take the metro to la Defense (Attention for the metro-zones of you tickets). This place is called New Paris. Here all companys and banks have their buildings. La Grande Arche is the new Arc de Triumphe and an interesting place to visit. You also can get upby elevator. Walk also through the passage by MC Donalds. After that go by metro to the Place de Trocadero near by the Tour Eiffel. Walk from that place to the Tour. At the Tour Eiffel: don't take the elevator, take the stairs. It's really faster, cheaper and don't take long.
After that take the metro to the Arc de Triumphe. Walk down the Champs Elysee. Walk through some passages wich are really exclusive. On the left side in the middel you find the Planet Hollywood. Good place for drinking and eating, not so cheap but phantastic and always crowded.

3. Day
Your first staion could be the Opera. Behind that building is the largest Magazin in town: Galarie Lafayette (like Harolds in London). Near Opera is the Place de la Obelisque. near this place is the Orangerie where you can see some picutres of Monet. After this go by metro to the Quartin Latin (St. Michel) Here you can find small old streets with the the famous jazz clubs and many restaurants. Typical place for students 'cause of the prices.

If you really saw all this you know a lot of that town. You can find more things you should visit on this page.

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Tips, Tricks, don't... and things to take care for!

There are lots of things you've to know to save many 'cause you all know that Pris is an expensive city.

The cheapest way to visit Paris is with the metro. You can get everywhere you want to. There are couple of tourist cards wich are resonable but the best card you can only get at an office which you find in every bigger Metro station. Buy an carte orange hebdomandaire. This is an carte for one week to the next sunday. take care of the zones you need. (for example La Defense!!! or camping place)

Don't buy anything from street sellers. You can get it cheaper everywhere. Take always something to drink and eat with you. You save much money. At the south street of the Jardin des Halles is an very good and resonable supermarket.

Don't forget your student card etc. Many museum and other things are much cheaper. FREE ENTRANCE FOR PEOPLE UNDER 18 IN ALL MUSEUMS ALSO LOUVRE!!!

Always take a menue in a restaurant. You get much more instead to of ordering it seperate.

Don't ...
.... take the elevator at the Tour Eiffel. The stairs are more resonable and really faster.
... do a ship-tour. You don't see anything more or different.
... go into the Louvre. Only for people with art knowlage.
Take care for...
...your money and bags specially at Montmartre and the Tour Eiffel.
...if you have to give a tip in the restaurant or not. This information is usually on the check or menue.

But generally Paris is not a criminal city. (It's more dangerous in Frankfort). Also the Metro can be used all the time without fear.

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